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Evolution 30LTC Trolley Sprayer – Life Just Got Easier

We are delighted to launch the new Evolution 30LTC trolley sprayer

Powered by an 18V Lithium-ion battery, the Evolution 30LTC saves you time and effort on your spraying operation.  No pumping, no weight to carry on your back, and the ability to cover large areas with the 8 metre hose makes the Evolution 30LTC the unique answer to your spraying job.  Even pressure at all times ensures no spray is wasted avoiding over or under dosing.  Available through our wide network of retailers in Northern Ireland, contact your local merchant or speak to us directly to get more information.




Controlling Grassland Weeds During Spring

Nufarm offers complete solutions to agronomic challenges in grassland​. Click here for more

Nufarm Grassland Advert

Broad-leaved Weed Control in Cereal Crops in a Difficult Season

Now that the weather conditions have improved and spring cereals are emerging, growers face the challenge of a large backlog of on farm activities. Getting on top of competitive broad-leaved weeds early should be a priority for growers in the coming weeks. Click here for the best strategies to get on top of your weed problem.


Thiopron – Novel Multisite Fungicide For Cereals

THIOPRON is an innovative liquid multisite fungicide with a unique and highly effective formulation containing sulphur that works as a natural, zero residue active.  For more click on the link below



Miravis Plus – Syngenta Bring New Fungicide To Market

Syngenta have just launched their latest cereal fungicide showing excellent effectiveness in wheat and barley.  Based on the new active ingredient ADEPIDYN, it shows great potential for the control of septoria, rynchosporium and ramularia in cereals.  For more information on Miravis Plus click here…

Roundup Energy – The Ideal Pre-Harvest Treatment

When applying pre-harvest glyphosate, it is essential to get the timing right to maximise the benefit in higher yields and ease of harvest.  For comprehensive guidance on best practice when applying pre-harvest Roundup Energy to your cereal crop – click here…

Pre-Harvest Mapping of Grass Weeds Essential

Once the combine has been through the field it can be easy to forget where exactly the problem areas are in the field.  Mapping which fields have issues with grass weeds or which parts of fields are infested will allow you to better target these areas in your following crop.  Syngenta’s Field technical manager, Pete Hawkins, explains the advantages here…

How To Control Docks In Grassland

Watch this short video from Corteva Agriscience’s Mark Shaw explaining how best to control docks, illustrating optimum plant size and showing why “any spray is better than no spray” is a myth.

Watch here

Protect Your Potato Yield

Zorvec Endavia gives unmatched consistency of disease control in potatoes. Zorvec Endavia delivers 2 active ingredients from different fungicide groups, ensuring a robust ant-resistance strategy.

For more information click here..

Revolutionary late blight potato fungicide launched in co-formulation -  Blightwatch

Corteva Grassland Update – April 2023

Click here for the latest Grassland Update from Corteva

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