Protect Winter Crops from Slugs

Slugs are a serious threat this autumn with the mild wet conditions. Slugs will eat cereals by hollowing out the seed or eating the emerging shoot. They will also graze the leaves above the ground but this is much less damaging than feeding below the ground. Slugs do not have the ability to tunnel through soil but can only move through existing cracks and holes so the physical condition of the seedbed can greatly affect a slug’s mobility and access to seeds and shoots. Slugs struggle to survive in dry, well consolidated soils, Heavy, wet soils are preferred by slugs as they provide ideal conditions for breeding. For those crops yet to be sown drilling seed at 40mm deep will significantly reduce slug damage.
Draza Forte (methiocarb) is a high quality slug pellet that contains a unique active substance. It is resistant to weathering and mould and this means that it works no matter what the weather conditions. Draza Forte consistently delivers the highest levels of slug control across all species.

Main advantages

    • Provides control no matter what the weather
    • Highly resistant to weathering
    • High quality durable pellets ensuring the maximum possible period of crop protection
    • Effective against all slugs including large black and keeled slugs


Getting the best from Draza Forte

Timing of application is critical to achieving the best results with Draza Forte. For winter cereals the most cost-effective time to apply Draza Forte is between drilling and crop emergence to prevent grain hollowing. However, you should continue to monitor the crop until tillering, as a subsequent application may be required.

Important things to remember

    • Don’t apply Draza Forte within 6 metres of field margins
    • Don’t apply in windy weather
    • In high risk situations, you may need to make a second application, especially if the previously applied pellets have been consumed/li>

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