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Kieran Donohoe

Teagasc Crop Costs & Returns 2023

Some excellent analysis of cereal crop costings and potential returns for 2023 from Teagasc.  Very well laid out comparisons of expected margins for each crop – great resource to help plan for the year ahead.  For  the full report click here 

Sprayer Traning Couses Available in Your Area

With thoughts turning towards spring spraying, it is a good time to make sure your sprayer training is up to date.  Sprayer training courses are available in each county for new sprayer operators or those who have yet to obtain PA1 or Pa2 certificates.  These are required for all applications of pesticides using boom sprayers.  For more information, click here


2023 Voluntary Initiative Roadshow – Basis Points Available

The 2023 VI Roadshow ‘Back To Basics’ is available as an online session on March  1st 2023 at 10.00 am.  You can register via the link below on the UFU website.  There are 8 Basis points and 10 Nroso points available for the roadshow.  Click here to register.

Get Ready For Spring Weed Control

Time to consider your options for spring weed control in winter cereals.  Regardless of weather conditions, Zypar sets the standard for those difficult to control overwintered weeds. Also now approved for use on winter oats For more information, click here 

Knapsack Spraying Without Pumping – The Evolution 15LTC

Time to invest in a new knapsack sprayer for Spring 2023.  The Matabi Evolution 15LTC is powered by an 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery which means there is absolutely no pumping required.  With enough power from one charge for up to 25 fills, this sprayer takes all the work out of spraying.  For a full demonstration of how it works – click here



Optimising Performance Of Pre-Emergence Herbicides

Getting the spray application right when applying pre-emergence herbicides is crucial.  For some tips to optimise control from residual herbicides this autumn click here….


Crystal Advert

Belkar Gives Flexible Weed Control in OSR

Belkar adds a new level of flexibility when trying to control weeds in OSR this autumn.  It can be sprayed from September to December, and uniquely, has no following crop restrictions in the event of crop failure.  Read more…

Belkar Strapline


How To Control Tuber Blight in Potatoes in 2022

With fluazinam under pressure from resistance, what are the best strategies to control tuber blight for potato growers in 2022.  Click here for the best advice from Bayer Cropscience


Corteva Grassland & Maize Update

Click here for the May 2022 Grassland & Maize Update from Corteva Agrisciences

Getting The Best From Broadway Star

For the latest advice on using Broadway Star to control brome, wild oats and broad-leaved weeds in winter wheat  click here…

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