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Kieran Donohoe

Roundup Energy – The Ideal Pre-Harvest Treatment

When applying pre-harvest glyphosate, it is essential to get the timing right to maximise the benefit in higher yields and ease of harvest.  For comprehensive guidance on best practice when applying pre-harvest Roundup Energy to your cereal crop – click here…

Pre-Harvest Mapping of Grass Weeds Essential

Once the combine has been through the field it can be easy to forget where exactly the problem areas are in the field.  Mapping which fields have issues with grass weeds or which parts of fields are infested will allow you to better target these areas in your following crop.  Syngenta’s Field technical manager, Pete Hawkins, explains the advantages here…

How To Control Docks In Grassland

Watch this short video from Corteva Agriscience’s Mark Shaw explaining how best to control docks, illustrating optimum plant size and showing why “any spray is better than no spray” is a myth.

Watch here

Protect Your Potato Yield

Zorvec Endavia gives unmatched consistency of disease control in potatoes. Zorvec Endavia delivers 2 active ingredients from different fungicide groups, ensuring a robust ant-resistance strategy.

For more information click here..

Revolutionary late blight potato fungicide launched in co-formulation -  Blightwatch

Corteva Grassland Update – April 2023

Click here for the latest Grassland Update from Corteva

Forefront Strapline

Label Changes For Products Containing Clopyralid In Grassland

Labels have now changed for products containing clopyralid used on grassland(broadacre treatments).  These new labels apply to Thistlex, Pas-Tor & Leystar.  For full details on the new regulations – Click Here

Corteva Range Strapline

Grassmanship From Nufarm

Grassmanship, from Nufarm,  is a programme featuring a portfolio of products that optimise grass production, to give farmers more DM/Ha and more return on their investment. Click here for more information.

Spring Grassland Weed Control Options From Nufarm

A series of solutions from Nufarm to increase your grass yields this spring.  Click here for more information.

Nufarm Grassland Advert

Crops & Cultivations – Oak Park 2023

Teagasc & The Irish Farmers Journal are hosting their 2023 Crops & Cultivations event on June 21st. It incorporates Teagasc’s latest trials work and machinery demonstrations which should be of interest to all those in the cereals sector. It is a free event and based on past experience, well worth a visit.  Click here for more information.

Crops and Cultivations event planned for June in Teagasc Oak Park

Ultimate Guide To Growing Beans

Basf have put together an excellent guide to growing beans.  For those with beans in the ground or considering them in their rotations, this is an essential booklet.  To access the guide – Click here


Bean Growth Guide

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